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Starboard Zen SC – Test & Rating

Starboard Zen SC – Test & Rating Posted on 16 March 2021Leave a comment

Starboard’s Zen 2021 inflatable SUP construction is the thinnest, lightest and most economical construction. Stripped down to the essentials, sure, but the ethics and quality are still there!

Starboard Zen SC lightweight inflatable paddles

The entry of the range of inflatable paddles Starboard is the range Zen SC. SC for “simple layer”. These paddles are very light due to

  • The use of a single layer construction
  • The absence of a second chamber
  • The use of advanced materials

The more fabric there is in the boards, the higher the quality of the boards, the lighter the boards are and the stronger they are. Then the stiffer the board will be when inflated. What does that mean? Starboard has always been committed to sustainability and eco-responsibility. The investment in innovation and research has always had the aim of being in line with these aspirations. While most of the inflatable paddle brands use PVC and glue that are ultra-polluting (not recycled and not recyclable), Starbord SUP merges materials with a clean technique, tries to replace PVC with “hybrid” fabrics and of course recycles used plastics for the manufacture of its accessories.

Lightweight but also more durable paddle board

The heat welding process of these materials gives the ZEN SC Starboard paddle a very long life. The boards are safer and therefore more durable. Made from a linear knitted dropstitch fabric and rails that are heated and then welded, making the board even stronger and stiffer than before.

Starboard ZEN SC rigid and light inflatable SUP

The feel of the paddle board is light and smooth. Thus, the accelerations are very easy. Moreover, despite the torture tests, the boards are able to keep their shape without degradation of the form.

It is hard to feel the reinforcement spots on the Zen Single Layer paddles… Normal, the whole is really well balanced. The use of heat to weld 2 pieces of PVC is perfectly mastered.

A range of entry-level inflatable paddles with a high level of finish

If we decide, unnecessarily, to hide the quality of design and precision as well as the ease with which you ride these inflatable paddle boards, Starboard also brings you some nice little features.

The shoulder strap is exclusive (I think) to the Starboard brand. So ingenious and practical, this strap attaches to the D rings provided for this purpose on the edge of the board. It is easier to carry your board if it is carried in a balanced way on your shoulder. Moreover, it frees the hands (to send a message for example). To top it off, the strap retracts by itself if not used.

The carrying bag has not been neglected either. Many brands of inflatable paddles should take inspiration from this. The Zen SC paddle bag is lightweight and equipped with wheels for long distance transport.
Once again, there is the little extra from Starboard. Not to be a bad day companion, the bag has an ergonomic curved cut to take the pain out of the neck and ensure good stability on the shoulders.

The leash is not a novelty at Starboard but no other brand has thought like the committed brand. Weighing only 70g, the leash stretches, retracts and you can walk on it without damaging your foot. The cord made from plastic recovered from the oceans is very flexible and can be deformed without difficulty.

What size for my Starboard Igo Zen SC SUP Board?

This finish is available in 3 sizes:

Starboard IGO Zen SC 10. 8

  • Length 10’8″/ 329 cm
  • Width 33″/ 83 cm
  • Thickness 5.5″/ 14 cm
  • Volume 309 L
  • Rider weight 45 – 120 kg

Starboard IGO Zen SC 11.2

  • Length 11’2″/ 340 cm
  • Width 31″/ 79 cm
  • Thickness 5.5″/ 14 cm
  • Volume 319 L
  • Rider weight 45 – 100 kg

Starboard IGO Zen SC 12.6

  • Length 12’6″/ 384 cm
  • Width 30″/ 76 cm
  • Thickness 6″/ 15 cm
  • Volume 355 L
  • Rider weight 55 – 110 kg

In conclusion, the Starboard Zen SC inflatable paddle boards are as fun to carry as they are to ride (and pay for 😁). It is the entry level of the brand but the result is nevertheless well above many other more expensive boards.

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