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Top 5 Men’s and Women’s Wetsuits

Top 5 Men’s and Women’s Wetsuits Posted on 9 February 2023Leave a comment

A paddleboard wetsuit does not seem necessary at first sight. Stand Up Paddling is a summer sport and does not require any special equipment. Why use a wetsuit for paddle boarding and what are the best ones?

First of all, here are 4 good reasons to equip yourself with a paddleboard wetsuit:

  • To paddle in cool weather, without worrying about the water temperature
  • To cushion falls, which are common among beginners or in case of waves
  • Offer protection against sunburn for hours
  • Limit the friction of bare skin on the pad

Top 5 paddle boarding wetsuits for women :

  • Rip Curl Freelite 2 mm Back zip women’s shorty: Very resistant, this wetsuit is made of E3 neoprene to allow you to move easily in the water to enjoy all water activities like surfing, sup, kite, snorkeling, etc.
  • MDNS Pioneer 2/2 Back zip shorty : Thanks to this wetsuit, you will stay warm in waters over 19°C. The mesh panels with which the suit was designed will protect you from the wind.
  • Aztron Aurora Women’s Full Wetsuit| 3/2 mm | Back zip : Perfect for those who are looking for a wetsuit that is both resistant and stylish. Neoprene suit, its thickness of 3/2mm allows to resist to a temperature between 16°C and 20°C.
  • Rip curl Freelite 3/2 Back zip wetsuit: New model of the Rip Curl range, this 3/2mm thick SUP wetsuit for women is equipped with a strategic insert in ultra-stretchy neoprene to facilitate movements in the water. With taped seams, it will keep you warm even at low temperatures of 16°C.
  • Wetsuit MDNS Pioneer 3/2 Back zip: Full neoprene wetsuit for women, this model was created by surfers, for surfers. Light, flexible and warm, it is 3/2mm thick and protects you from the wind with its mesh panels.
  • Aztron Voyage Wetsuit: Completely waterproof, this wetsuit allows you to practice your water sport even in the coldest waters. Made of quick-drying microfiber, this SuperSoft neoprene paddle board wetsuit closes with adjustable velcro for the arm and ankle.

Top 5 paddle board wetsuit for men :

  • MDNS Pioneer 2/2 Back zip men’s shorty: Lightweight, flexible and warm, this 3/2mm thick men’s neoprene wetsuit has superstretch on the arms, back and crotch to provide more comfort to its wearer and allows him to make easy movements.
  • Aztron Kepler K1 3/2 mm Back zip wetsuit for men: 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon, it has special neoprene kneepads to better absorb shocks and protect its wearer from possible injuries. Flexible and comfortable, this type of suit protects from the cold up to a low temperature of 16°C – 20°C.
  • Aztron Kepler | 3/2 mm | Back zip: Ideal for board sports, paddle or longe côte, this model of wetsuit for paddleboarding has a 2 mm thick arm and knee protection. It is also equipped with a water evacuation and allows to keep the body warm.
  • Wetsuit man MDNS Pioneer 3/2 Back zip: Full neoprene wetsuit with a thickness of 3/2mm, it has a superstretch on the arms, back and crotch to facilitate the movement of its wearer. Protecting against the cold at low temperatures of 16°C – 20°C, it provides more comfort and flexibility to its wearer.
  • Men’s Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Perf 3/2 Front zip suit – Black: very well cut paddle boarding wetsuit, it is very flexible and elastic and offers more freedom of movement to its wearer. With great thermal protection ability, it has mesh panels capable of capturing the sun’s heat while protecting against the wind.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you know which wetsuit for paddleboarding is best for you, regardless of the model or season. Shorty, integral, thick, neoprene, back zip or front zip…

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