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How to choose the size of your paddle board?

There are a lot of paddle boards on the market. One of the differences between them is the size. So it’s difficult to choose the size of your SUP without knowing what is the difference between those sizes. In fact, this criteria will determine how…

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How to inflate your paddle board?

If you don’t know how to inflate a SUP, there are some tips to make this step easier. It is important to inflate your iSUP to the recommended pressure and adopt the right posture for a quick and efficient inflation. Be patient, inflation is not…

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Can 2 people ride the same board?

Two persons paddling on the same board in good conditions of performance and safety is a real puzzle. Most of the stand up paddle are designed for one person: whether for reasons of weight distribution on the board, excessive on-board weight that can cause the…

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Anomy 10’6 SUP board – Test and review

The Anomy 10.6 inflatable paddle range is magnificent, with unique graphics created by crazy and amazing designers from Barcelona. This SUP board will help you stand out from the crowd. These inflatable paddles are manufactured according to the highest international standards of quality and innovation….