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How to inflate your paddle board?

How to inflate your paddle board? Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

If you don’t know how to inflate a SUP, there are some tips to make this step easier. It is important to inflate your iSUP to the recommended pressure and adopt the right posture for a quick and efficient inflation. Be patient, inflation is not the most fun part but still necessary, take it as a warm-up.

Why is it important to inflate your SUP properly?

A poorly inflated paddleboard will be unstable and will tend to deform. It will therefore be very difficult to find your balance and enjoy your board. On the other hand, a well inflated paddle will be much stiffer and therefore more stable and will have a better glide.

Preparation before inflating the SUP

Before unfolding your paddle to inflate it, especially during the first check inflation, care must be taken to have enough space to unfold it over its entire length. Also be careful where you want to inflate it. You must choose a clear and clean space so as not to damage your board.

How to properly inflate your stand up paddle?

  • Position the valve correctly on the board, making sure that the valve pin is properly repositioned.
  • Insert the pump hose into the valve and turn ¼ to lock it.
  • Start inflating while remaining in the axis of the pump.
  • Be careful with your posture. Bend your legs while keeping your back sheathed and use your body weight for greater efficiency.
  • Inflate to the indicated pressure. Note that the closer we get to the end of inflation, the greater the effort will be. If the pump used is a double action pump, it is recommended to take a single action to finish the inflation.
  • Remove the hose by making a turn at ¼ and replace the cap.

Board inflation time

To inflate a board, it usually takes 5 minutes. The time may vary depending on the volume of your SUP and the pump used. The more volume a board has, the longer it will take to inflate it.

iSUP pressure

Between 2 sessions or when storing your board, it is important to reduce the pressure of the board by 2 or 3 PSI in order to limit the harmful effects of heat on your board.

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