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How to fix a Stand up paddle?

How to fix a Stand up paddle? Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

If you ask yourself how to repair your inflatable Stand up paddle board, the answer is in this article.
Despite the fact that inflatable paddle boards are robust, it is possible that leaks may appear. This can be due to misuse, lack of maintenance or wear and tear. Is your iSUP damaged? Don’t panic, very often it’s not much! Here are some tips and tricks to repair your board.

How to repair a leak/hole on a Stand up Paddle?

Fortunately, repairing a hole is relatively quick, it usually takes a few minutes. However, you will need a repair kit, which can be supplied directly with your Stand up paddle. In this video we will explain you how to repair a leak of your inflatable paddle board.

To start you will have to find the leak. To do this inflate your board to find it. Clean the area with soapy water (to locate the leak) and then with 90° alcohol to remove as much impurity as possible.

Then deflate your board and prepare the PVC patch so that it covers the damaged area. Once this is done, apply the PVC glue to the patch and the area to be treated. Place your patch on the board and press hard. You can press by sliding your hand from the center to the outside to help the glue hold. There you go, you just fixed your iSUP! However, it will take 48 to 72 hours before you can inflater it again.

kit réparation paddle
Repair kit

Change the valve on an inflatable stand up paddle

The inflatable paddle boards are robust and designed to last over time. Despite this, it is possible that your valve may need to be changed or simply tightened. Don’t worry, you will find here the techniques and advice to solve this. And we also have a video for you, how to How to repair a leak on an inflatable paddle.

Tighten the valve of an iSUP

Often the source of an air leak comes from a poorly tightened valve, which is absolutely not serious because it is very easy to tighten it.

To do this, first inflate your paddle (to about 5 Psi), remove the valve cap. Then use the valve key that comes with your board and turn clockwise. Generally ¼ or ½ (large max) tour is more than enough.

valve paddle gonflable
iSUP valve

Change/repair the valve of a board

It is sometimes necessary to change the valve or repair it if it is defective. To do this, you will need to use the repair kit for your board.

Because a video is sometimes better than words, here is one that will explain in detail how to proceed:

Maintenance of a SUP

It is very important to use and maintain your paddle properly. Indeed, to be able to enjoy your board for a long time, a few rules must be respected.

The first rule to follow is that you must absolutely not overinflate your board, otherwise it will explode and, of course, you will not exceed the weight indicated on the board. After each use it is important to perform certain actions in order to keep your board in good condition for as long as possible:

  • Rinse the board with fresh water after each ride
  • Dry the paddle with a towel, the important thing is to have the board completely dry in order to avoid mould.
  • If you deflate it, make sure you don’t make any folds, do it gently and limit folds.
  • To finsih, store your board in a dry and cool place.

Now you know how to keep your board in perfect condition et enjoy it all summer long. Keepin mind that regular maintenance of your paddle will save you a lot of trouble.

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