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Key West SUP Board – Test and review

Key West, which has been on the market for two seasons now, is the brand that is still growing! With a unique style that inspires serenity, a Key West SUP board calls you on the water to paddle and have fun. But don’t let their…

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How to choose your SUP board?

How to choose your SUP board? When choosing a Stand up Paddle board, you have to take into account several criteria. The weight of the rider plays a crucial role. The type of practice determines the shape (length, width, thickness) and the type of construction…

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How to Stand up Paddle?

You want to learn about stand up paddle but you don’t know how to proceed? To start in the best conditions and in complete safety, it is necessary to proceed step by step. The following tips will help you to prepare your session well and…

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Aztron Urono – Test and review

The Aztron Urono is a board for riders who are looking for performance at a reasonable budget. The Aztron Urono’s major advantage is undoubtedly the combination of the double chamber and fused double skin technology, which makes it possible to have a light and extremely…

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Aztron Mercury – Test and Review

The Aztron Mercury 10.10 is an all-round board for beginners to intermediate levels. Ultra rigid thanks to its dual chamber construction, it is ideal for trips in calm or even rough waters and allows you to surf small waves while keeping a very good stability….

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Key West Raptor – Test and Review

Among the Key West brand’s range of iSUPs is the Key West Raptor. An entry-level board for heavy riders or lighter weights who want to go on a tour while gliding and maintaining stability. Thus, despite its very affordable price, we have here a board…

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Key West Stellar – Test and Review

Among the Key West brand’s range of iSUPs is the Key West Stellar. An entry-level board that has the behaviour of a high quality board: particularly stable, with excellent heading stability, high volume and length guaranteeing good glide without limiting manoeuvrability. This is an ideal…

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Red Paddle 11.3 Sport – Test And Review

The 11.3 Sport board from Red Paddle is a must: adapted to heavy riders, it can still be used by lighter ones. With an irreproachable glide with its 11 feet 3 inches long (342.9 cm), it is perfect for long tours. With its wide width,…

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Red Paddle 10 6 Ride – Test and Review

The Red Paddle Ride 10.6 Inflatable SUP Board is one of the most popular boards in the world! A true Swiss Army knife for SUP boards. It can withstand almost any condition and is suitable for almost all riders. Even if it has been around…

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Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10 8 – Test and Review

The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10.8 is a high-end, super versatile paddle board. Very easy to use, it will delight beginners and experts, on flat water as well as in small waves. This board is available in 4 sizes, from 9.0 to 10.8 It is…