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Aztron Urono – Test and review

Aztron Urono – Test and review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

The Aztron Urono is a board for riders who are looking for performance at a reasonable budget. The Aztron Urono’s major advantage is undoubtedly the combination of the double chamber and fused double skin technology, which makes it possible to have a light and extremely rigid board. An ideal model for long hours of tour.

Aztron Urono 11.6 construction

With the double chamber technology, Aztron is redefining the safety and performance standards of the iSUP industry. The second inner tube stiffens the entire board and acts as a beam that covers nearly half of the total surface area of the board, improving the stiffness of the board by 30%. This second chamber is inserted between the deck elastics and the end of the pad, which allows maximum rigidity throughout the area where you stand. The double chamber construction ensures the best stability even under the most difficult conditions.

In addition to the performance aspect of double chamber technology, it also provides a safety benefit. The additional inner chamber provides at least 100 to 150 litres of buoyancy and therefore allows air to return to shore in the event of an air leak. Paddling safely is a priority, which is why Aztron provides riders of all levels with the peace of mind to manage any aquatic environment.

Fused double layer technology is recognized as the most reliable construction process. The board has a second layer of upper PVC fused to the lower layer. This technique avoids the use of glue and therefore eliminates any imperfection or air bubbles between the two layers of PVC. This process gives the board incredible stiffness and torsion.
The combination of these two technologies allows an ultimate blend of stiffness and lightness.

Aztron Urono 11.6

The SUP Urono 11.6 is part of Aztron’s Touring range. By combining double chamber and fused double layer technologies, the Urono is an extremely stiff board and offers an ideal glide for riders who want performance with a stable and lightweight board.

Aztron Urono 11.6
Aztron Urono 11.6

The printing quality of its design makes it a unique board. The board has a bungee system to store your snack if you go for long hours on the water. A big advantage, the Urono model has a rear kick pad for smooth turns and a fast and efficient turnaround.

The price of an Aztron Urono 11.6

Paddle Urono 11.6
Urono 11.6 board

Aztron boards are boards with technologies that were only available from very high-end brands (Starboard) until their arrival on the market. The Touring range diversifies from the allround range by adding the fused double layer, which explains its slightly higher cost. Sold with all the necessary accessories, the Urono is a stand up paddle ready to go.

Technical data

Length: 11’6’’ (350 cm)
Width: 32″ (81cm)
Thickness: 6″ (15 cm)
Volume: 306 L
Weight: 11 kg
Max payload: 150 kg
Construction: double chambre + fusion
Fins: 1 removable central fin

The advantages of the Urono 11.6

  • Double chamber + fused double layer construction for unparalleled rigidity and lightness
  • The kick pad which allows a good support for fast manoeuvres
  • A fast board with excellent course holding.

The disadvantages of the Urono 11.6

  • Slight windward with its nose upwards.
  • No fixing rings to fix a kayak seat
  • Be careful to inflate the inner part before the outer part to avoid leaks.

What about the Aztron Uron 11.6?

The Urono is an extremely durable and efficient Touring board. Perfect for long rides, and speed, the board is designed to be light and rigid, which gives it very good stability and good gliding speed. Its 81 cm width makes it an indulgent board that is also accessible to beginners. Its raised Rocker allows it to penetrate even in small waves. Be careful, however, with the wind, which may come to slow you down slightly.

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