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Aztron Mercury – Test and Review

Aztron Mercury – Test and Review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

The Aztron Mercury 10.10 is an all-round board for beginners to intermediate levels. Ultra rigid thanks to its dual chamber construction, it is ideal for trips in calm or even rough waters and allows you to surf small waves while keeping a very good stability.

Aztron Mercury 10.10 Construction

Aztron has pushed the boundaries and worked hard to become a key player in the growth of the stand up paddle. Aztron’s objective is to offer everyone the highest level of innovation, safety, design and performance through double chamber technology.

With double chamber technology, Aztron is redefining the safety and performance standards of the iSUP industry. The second inner tube stiffens the entire board and acts as a beam that covers nearly half of the total surface area of the board, improving the stiffness of the board by 30%. This second chamber is inserted between the deck elastics and the end of the pad, which allows maximum rigidity throughout the area where you stand. The double chamber construction ensures the best stability even under the most difficult conditions.

In addition to the performance aspect of double chamber technology, it also provides a safety benefit. The additional inner chamber provides at least 100 to 150 litres of buoyancy and therefore allows air to return to shore in the event of an air leak. Paddling safely is a priority, which is why Aztron paddles provide riders of all levels with the peace of mind to manage any aquatic environment.

The Aztron Mercury 10.10

The Mercury 10.10 is part of the all-round range. This range is designed for beginners and intermediates looking for a stable and versatile boards.

The board is equipped with a bungee system allowing the rider to carry equipment such as a waterproof bag or water bottle.
Its 4 mm pad offers a soft look and allows a good grip with optimal comfort.

Aztron Mercury 10.10
Aztron Mercury 10.10

Easy to handle and forgiving, the Mercury is a versatile board that performs just as well on flat water as in small waves. The board has a good length/width ratio to ensure a comfortable ride in all conditions.

The price

Paddle gonflabe Aztron
Aztron iSUP

Aztron SUPs are boards with technologies that were only available from very high-end brands (Starboard) until their arrival on the market. Sold in a complete package ready to sail, the Mercury is a superior quality board at an affordable price.

Technical characteristics

Length: 10’10’’ (330 cm)
Width: 32″ (81cm)
Thickness: 6″ (15 cm)
Volume: 306 L
Weight: 11 kg
Max payload: 140 kg
Construction: double chambre
Fins: 1 central removable fin

The advantages of the Mercury 10.10

  • Aztron Mercury is sold in a complete pack ready to use (3P adjustable paddle, fin, leash, carry bag, double action pump)
  • The double chamber offers high safety and maximum rigidity
  • A very stable board with a good stability of course.

The downsides of the Aztron Mercury

  • The double chamber construction increases the weight of the board
  • No fixing rings to fix a kayak seat
  • Moderate maneuverability and responsiveness

What to think about the Aztron Mercury 10.10?

The Mercury 10.10 is an affordable Stand up paddle for versatile use. The major advantage of this board and undoubtedly its stability that we owe to its 15 cm thickness and its construction in double chamber. It can be blamed for its slightly higher weight than models of the same size. However, the gain in stiffness improves the glide and compensates for this difference in weight once on the water.

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