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Key West Stellar – Test and Review

Key West Stellar – Test and Review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

Among the Key West brand’s range of iSUPs is the Key West Stellar. An entry-level board that has the behaviour of a high quality board: particularly stable, with excellent heading stability, high volume and length guaranteeing good glide without limiting manoeuvrability.

This is an ideal board to discover stand up paddling, for making progress and having fun in all situations. It can be in calm water from a lake, in a river or even in the waves to discover surfing. It is suitable for medium to heavy riders: up to 145 kg payload!

Key West Stellar Construction

The Key West Stellar is an iSUP made of a simple PVC layer of significant thickness (1000 denier). A second layer of PVC is glued to the rails of the board.

The Key West Stellar is built with Dropstitch technology: the deck and hull of the board are connected, inside the board, by thousands of polyester threads whose function is double. Indeed, it’s to give the board its shape once inflated, and to stiffen the board in a very important way. Without these threads, the board would look like a balloon. They distribute the load, and therefore the forces, that the rider applies to the board. This means that it deforms very little under the influence of the weight of the person who is sailing.

A comfortable EVA non-slip pad covers the top of the board on the front side (the deck). This pad is signed to infinity with the brand logo. Thus, there is no risk of slipping off the board, even in rough conditions. The board is also equipped with a bungee system at the front. It allows you to tidy up your things. There is also a towing ring at the front, on the bottom. Finally, the board has 4 loop bridges to attach a kayak seat, as well as three fins.

Key West Stellar 11’0

The Key West Stellar is an all-round board, ideal for beginners and intermediate riders who want to progress and have fun in all conditions. Also, a ring around the valve reminds the user of its optimal inflation pressure of 15 PSI (1 bar). Designed for use on flat water as well as in waves. The Key West Stellar therefore offers a fairly large volume (290 litres) which allows heavy and lighter riders to use the board. Finally, the volume is mainly centered, which ensures excellent stability. It also allows a very good glide and keeps a responsive and manageable side to the board.

The price

The Key West Stellar is an inflatable paddle board sold in a pack with its 3-part aluminium paddle adjustable from 170 to 220 cm to fit all sizes, a safety leash, a carry bag and a very good quality double action pump particularly effective.

Thus, the quality of the board in relation to its price makes it an extremely well placed product on the inflatable paddle board market.

Technical characteristics

  • Length: 11’0’’ (335.3 cm)
  • Width: 32’’ (81.3 cm)
  • Thickness: 6’’ (15.2 cm)
  • Volume: 290 litres
  • Weight: 8.96 kg
  • Max payload: 145 kg
  • Construction: Dropstitch simple layer
  • Fins: 1 central slide-in fin 9’’ + 2 fixed lateral fins with shape memory

The advantages of the Key West Stellar

  • Great value for money
  • Versatility of use
  • The equipment of the board and the quality of the accessories
  • The level of finish
  • A shape that provides stability, glide and maneuverability
  • The design
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight

The Downsides of the Key West Stellar

  • The lack of rigidity compared to a resin board
  • Be careful not to leave the board exposed to the sun for hours
  • The fixed price, which is not often on special offer
  • The single-layer construction limits rigidity in the event of under-inflation

What about the Key West Stellar?

Finally the Key West Stellar is a particularly successful inflatable paddle board! Intended for beginners and riders in progress, it is highly versatile and allows long tours for light weights, and small tours or surfing for medium to heavy weights. To sum up, the simple layer construction remains light in weight but the quality of the PVC ensures a very satisfactory overall rigidity and strength. It is therefore an ideal board to progress while having fun. Anyway, its really effective shape ensures an impressive glide, an excellent course holding and a good grip in the waves for maximum fun! All-round has found its style!

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