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Stand up paddle surfing: Catch your first waves

Learning to surf is a long and difficult path. But what a reward when you manage to surf your first waves! The same goes for learning stand up paddle surfing, except that you are already up when you catch the wave. Choosing a suitable place…

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Key West Pride – Test and Review

Among the Key West brand’s range is the Key West Pride. An entry-level board that has the behaviour of a high quality board: stable, with excellent heading stability, an intermediate volume and a medium length that does not limit its glide but ensures good handling….

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Fanatic Ray Air Premium 11’6 – Test and Review

The Fanatic Ray air Premium 11’6 is the inflatable version of the Ray. This board is ideal for touring and exploration and offers incredible glide and allows the most athletic to improve their performance. Built with the highest quality technology from Fanatic, the Ray Air…

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Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10 8 – Test and Review

The Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10.8 is a high-end, super versatile paddle board. Very easy to use, it will delight beginners and experts, on flat water as well as in small waves. This board is available in 4 sizes, from 9.0 to 10.8 It is…

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Zray Xrider X1 and X2 – Test and Review

The Zray x1, Zray x2, Zray xrider paddle boards are all round type boards. The Zray xrider range is one of Zray’s most popular ranges, thanks to its careful design and lightweight boards that offer performance that suits all riders. Zray Xrider x1 and x2…

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Aqua Marina Fusion 10’4 – Test and Review

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the entry level boards of the Chinese brand Aqua Marina. This iSUP with new colours for 2019 is a board that is already 3 years old. Even if he suffers a little from a lack of rigidity, his…

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Top 5 of PFDs

In order to choose a PFD that suits you, it is important to know the different types of PFDs and under what conditions to use them. In Europe there are standards to respect in order to have one adapted to your practice. Moreover, there is…

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Fanatic SUP board – Test and review

Fanatic boards are renowned for their performance and quality of construction. Founded in 1981, this brand represents three decades of a rich history and still holds the promise of quality, innovation and service. Specialized in the field of water sports and more precisely in stand…

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How to paddle efficiently?

Knowing how to paddle effectively depends on three factors: the position of the paddler on the board, the paddling technique and a paddling frequency adapted to the activity. Feet well centred, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the board, facing forward and wide enough apart,…