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Fanatic Ray Air Premium 11’6 – Test and Review

Fanatic Ray Air Premium 11’6 – Test and Review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

The Fanatic Ray air Premium 11’6 is the inflatable version of the Ray. This board is ideal for touring and exploration and offers incredible glide and allows the most athletic to improve their performance. Built with the highest quality technology from Fanatic, the Ray Air Premium is an extremely reliable SUP, with an air/rigidity ratio that offers excellent stability.

Fanatic Ray Air Premium 11’6 Construction

Each board in the Fanatic range has been meticulously developed, tested and refined to offer riders the highest level of manufacturing quality and performance.

The Ray Air Premium model is built in double layer. Built with DL Light technology (Double Layer Light), this SUP benefits from the brand’s highest quality manufacturing. This construction is characterized by the addition of a second layer of PVC welded to the core of the board, around the dropstitch core. A third layer of PVC reinforces this premium technology. In addition, this additional layer is coloured and decorates the board for an even more attractive design. This technology allows for an ultra-resistant construction.

A weight gain of 20 to 25% and an increased stiffness of 25 to 30% can be achieved compared to a standard double layer construction. This technology is one of the best inflatable technologies on the market today.

The Fanatic Ray Air Premium 11’6

With features similar to those of the rigid board, the Ray Air Premium features a maximized waterline that combines optimal glide with high stability. This model exists in two sizes (11.6″” and 12.6”’) and is available in two ranges, a Premium range in double layer construction or the other range more accessible in single layer and stringer technology.

Paddle gonflable Fanatic Ray Air Premium 11.6

This board has a removable central fin that is practical and easy to install because no tools are required. Equipped with a front stitch net and a mast foot insert for windsurfing use. The Ray Air 11’6 iSUP is a versatile model for performance enthusiasts.

The price  

SUP Fanatic Ray Air 11.6
SUP Fanatic Ray Air 11.6

Quality has a price! The Ray Air Premium benefits from the highest quality technology from Fanatic, which explains its price. In addition, the board is delivered in a pack and the accessories provided are of excellent quality. The bag with wheels is easily transportable and comfortable, the Pump HP2 pump is easy to use and inflates quickly and the 3-part adjustable paddle is just as powerful. In short, you will have understood that the price of this pack is justified because it offers quality products and a high-performance board.

Technical characteristics

Length: 11’6’’ (350.5 cm)
Width: 31″ (78.7cm)
Thickness: 6″ (15 cm)
Volume: 299 L
Weight: 9.8 kg
Max payload: 100 kg
Construction: DL Light
Fins: 1 removable central fin

The advantages of the Ray Air Premium 11’6

  • Double layer manufacturing with minimum weight and maximum stiffness
  • High quality backpack with wheels and efficient pump
  • Mast foot insert for windsurfing
  • Very good level of stiffness for good glide and stability

The downsides of the Ray Air Premium 11’6

  • A lack of innovation compared to the 2018 board
  • No fixing rings to fix a kayak seat
  • The price

What about the Fanatic Ray Air Premium 11’6?

The Ray Air Premuim is an ideal board for touring and exploration. With its top-of-the-range construction, it provides the best level of stiffness for an inflatable board and offers the rider a very good balance between stability and speed. Reactive and with a very good course keeping, it will also seduce practitioners who are looking for performance. In addition, the quality of the accessories provided in the pack is worth the price.

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