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Fanatic SUP board – Test and review

Fanatic SUP board – Test and review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

Fanatic boards are renowned for their performance and quality of construction. Founded in 1981, this brand represents three decades of a rich history and still holds the promise of quality, innovation and service. Specialized in the field of water sports and more precisely in stand up paddling and windsurfing, the brand is recognized as one of the major references in this field.

Fanatic, one of the leading brands in board sports

The reputation acquired by Fanatic has been built around the passion for the products that the brand manufactures. The brand is guided by the unwavering desire to create dream boards. One of the major strengths of the German brand is to place great importance on product research and development in order to keep only the best and to offer ever more efficient equipment. In addition to being in constant search of quality, Fanatic adopts an eco-responsible approach with the “Ocean Minded” label, which ensures a less polluting and more ecological production.

Fanatic SUP boards

Fanatic offers a range of inflatable stand up paddle but also a rigid range. Within these two ranges, there is a wide choice of boards ranging from beginner boards to professional ones. Inflatable Stand up paddles being the most popular on the market, the inflatable range from this brand is the most extensive.

  • A SUP for the waves: Stubby Air
  • AllRound: Fly Air, Fly Air Premium, Pure Air, Diamond Air
  • Touring: Ray Air, Ray Air Premium, Pure Air Touring, Diamond Air Touring
  • Race: Falcon Air
  • SUP for children: Ripper Air, Ripper Air Touring
  • Windsurf: Ripper Air Pure WS, Viper Air WS, Viper Air Pure WS
  • Fitness: Fly Air Fit, Air Mat, Fly Air Fit Platform
  • White water / river: Rapid Air, Rapid Air Touring
  • XL: Fly Air L, Fly Air XL, Tandem Air Premium
Gamme paddle gonflable fanatic
iSUP Fanatic

What to think about Fanatic?

Fanatic offers accessible and top-of-the-range boards with meticulous designs and a quality of construction that is always there. The brand is simply recognized as a reference in the field of stand up paddle. The shapes are so effective that most of them are renewed with only a few changes from one year to the next, where other brands have no choice but to redesign their offer entirely, year after year. Concerning the quality of the inflatable boards is such that Fanatic now offers a more accessible range that competes (in terms of price) with the cheaper boards on the market. But they maintain a level of rigidity and strength that other brands can only dream of.

Are there any alternatives to Fanatic?

Among Fanatic’s direct competitors are brands such as Starboard, Naish or Jp Australia, which, like Fanatic, offer a wide range of rigid and inflatable boards with a very high level of finish and ever more efficient technical developments. Let’s not forget Red Paddle, which remains the pioneering brand specialising only in the iSUP market.

Fanatic paddle touring
Fanatic Touring board

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