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SUP Zray – Test And Review

SUP Zray – Test And Review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

Founded in 2009, Zray is a brand offering quality products and has quickly become a brand that now occupies an important place in the stand up paddle industry. After 10 years of development, the research and development team continues to offer innovative boards.

Zray, one of the world leaders in stand up paddle

As a more than respected brand in the vast world of water sports, Zray offers products of a very high quality for all types of practitioners, and its wide range of boards will delight both beginners who wish to learn and those experienced in the search for performance. The brand is not only limited to paddle but also offers a wide range of inflatable kayaks. With its own factory, it is therefore logical that Zray should be able to offer so much diversity. In just a few seasons, the brand has established itself as one of the undisputed leaders in the SUP world.


The range of paddle offered by Zray is ultra complete. It covers all uses, from children’s boards to XXL boards. The Zray range also includes Windsurf, Race and even a board specifically for fishing. There is something for all tastes and all levels.

  • An Ultra All round – X-Rider Collection: X-Rider Young 9, X-Rider 9.9, X-Rider Deluxe 10.10, X-Rider Epic 12, X-Rider XL 13
  • Ultra All Round – Evasion Collection: E9, E10 and E11
  • Touring: Fury 10, Fury 10.6 and Fury 11.6
  • River – Snapper Collection: Snapper 9.6 and Snapper Pro 11
  • Race – Rapid Collection: Rapid 12.6 and Rapid Dual 14
  • Windsurf: Windsurf 10 and Windsurf 10.6
  • XXL board: Super 17
  • Yoga: Yoga 11
  • Fishing SUP: Fishing 11
Gamme SUP Zray
SUP Zray range

What to think about Zray?

Zray offers an ultra-complete and well-designed range that will meet everyone’s needs. In addition to the wide variety of models offered by Zray, the boards have a good construction quality and most of the boards are convertible into kayaks. The diversity of products and the very competitive price-quality ratio make the brand one of the key players on the stand up paddle market.

Are there any alternatives?

SUP brands are becoming more and more numerous on the market. There is a very wide variety of offers but be careful not to let yourself be seduced by the marketing of certain brands.
In the same range of products, there are several brands such as Hydro Force, Aqua Marina and Key West that stand out for their high quality products and original designs at competitive prices.

Zray paddle gonflable
Zray iSUP

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