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Zray Xrider X1 and X2 – Test and Review

Zray Xrider X1 and X2 – Test and Review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

The Zray x1, Zray x2, Zray xrider paddle boards are all round type boards. The Zray xrider range is one of Zray’s most popular ranges, thanks to its careful design and lightweight boards that offer performance that suits all riders.

Zray Xrider x1 and x2 Construction

Zray inflatablestand up paddle boards are aimed at the greatest number of people. Manufactured using single-layer Dropstitch, the x1 and x2 have a double layer at the rail level to ensure the product’s durability and rigidity. In addition to this range, Zray is moving towards the manufacture of iSUPs 15cm thick to ensure maximum rigidity.

The technology used by Zray for the construction of x1, x2 boards is UAL (Ultimate Agile Light) technology. This advanced construction is specially developed for the X-Rider and Evasion inflatable boards. It reduces the weight of the boards while maintaining the highest level of durability and rigidity.

Thousands of polyester threads connect the two layers of reinforced PVC, once inflated under pressure, these filaments stretch and provide increased stiffness to the board. Zray pays particular attention to the filament density of its boards for greater strength. This new Drop Stitch provides an ultra-lightweight construction while increasing the rigidity of the board.

The Zray xrider x1 and x2

The X-Rider range is primarily aimed at beginners and amateurs who want a light and stable board.
Those boards have a bungee system to store a waterproof bag or water bottle.
In addition, the presence of 4 binding rings allows you to attach a kayak seat for a more versatile use and allows you to discover new sensations of sliding.

Zray x2
Zray x2 X-Rider

The X-Rider range also offers among these 4 models a “child” board for youngers who want to learn about stand up paddling. The X-Rider Young 9 is a SUP that is suitable for the youngest but also for adults with a small size. Stable and easy to handle, it is the smallest board in the range.

The price

Xrider x2
Zray Xrider x2

The x1 and x2 models as well as the entire X-Rider range are boards designed to offer the best value for money. The boards are sold in a complete pack ready to use, so it is not necessary to buy additional accessories before going into the water.

Technical characteristics

Length: 9’9 (297 cm)                                  Length: 10’10 (330 cm)
Width: 30″ (76 cm)                                       Width: 30″ (76 cm)
Thickness: 6″ (15 cm)                                   Thickness: 6″ (15 cm)
Volume: 244 L                                                Volume: 270 L
Weight: 7.9 kg                                                 Weight: 8.3 kg
Max payload: 90 kg                                       Max payload: 145 kg
Construction: PVC Drop stitch                   Construction: PVC Drop stitch
Fins: 1 removable central fin            Fins: 1 removable central fin

The advantages of the Zray x1 and x2

  • Very light boards with good rigidity and stability
  • Boards delivered in full pack, no need to worry about buying additional accessories
  • The range is available in 4 boards to suit any rider.

The downsides of the Zray X1 and X2

  • 76 cm width is a little less stable for beginners.
  • The pump supplied with the pack is not the most efficient.
  • An addition of 2 fins on the smaller boards would have allowed more grip in surfing

What about the Zray Xrider?

The ZRay X-Rider range is a range designed to offer the best possible value for money.
The shapes are easy, perfect for beginners in ideal conditions.
We will note the great variety of models present in this range in order to please all riders.
The small negative point of the x1 and x2 models is the width of the boards, which for beginners will be slightly less stable than some other SUPs. On the other hand, once the board is tamed, the 76 cm wide board will offer a better glide and a speed increase compared to wider models.

The x1 and x2 models are allround boards ideal for all levels. For a short walk in calm water or even in small waves, the X-Rider range offers stable and rigid boards that are easy to handle.

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