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Aqua Marina Breeze – Test and Review

Aqua Marina Breeze – Test and Review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

Aqua Marina Breeze is an entry-level SUP board designed for a novice audience for very occasional use. The weight supported by the board is relatively low since it is limited to 75 kg. The Aqua Marina Breeze comes with a carry bag, an aluminium paddle and a pump.

Test Aqua Marina Breeze

Aqua Marina Breeze Construction

Like all Aqua Marina boards, the Breeze is based on a single layer construction of 800 denier PVC (slightly below the average of what is done on the market).
Its round shape and rather small dimensions make the board very handy and lightweight but a little less stable than other boards on the market.

The Breeze has:

  • Lateral reinforcement on the rail
  • A single layer of PVC
  • A foam pad

The Aqua Marina Breeze

This is a board from Aqua Marina, a brand of the Chinese giant ORPC. Concerning the general aspect, the design of this iSUP is very aesthetic with each time a dominant color depending on the model. This is the green one. This board has a central handle for transport but no other. The bungee system will allow you to carry a waterproof bag.

The practical thing that is becoming more and more common on inflatable paddle boards is the presence of buckles to attach a kayak seat and allow a seated practice.

There is only one central slide-in fin. This is ideal if, as in the test, it breaks. It will be easy to replace it with another one.

Test Breeze fin

At the back there is a metal ring to attach the leash.

We will regret the transport cover which does not allow a good support of the board for transport. In addition, the fabric does not seem very resistant. However, it is equipped with back straps.


Aqua Marina Breeze accessories
  • Aluminium paddle 3 parts
  • Leash
  • A carry bag
  • A pump

Technical characteristics

Length: 9’0 (275cm)
Width: 30″ (76 cm)
Thickness: 4″75 (12 cm)
Volume: 200 L
Weight: 7,5 kg
Recommended user weight: 50-70 kg
Construction: Dropstitch simple couche
Fins: 1 central fin

The advantages of the Aqua Marina Breeze

  • The Design
  • A bungee system
  • Lightweight

The downsides of the Aqua Marina Breeze

  • Rigidity not optimal for stand up paddling
  • The “cheap” storage cover
  • A public price never respected (wouldn’t we be fooled?)

What to think of the Aqua Marina Breeze?

This board is rather reserved for beginners who do not necessarily want to get involved in practice with occasional use. It is rather reserved for those who wish to enjoy short summer moments near the shore.


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