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SUP Foil Inflatable Aztron Falcon Air – Test & Rating

SUP Foil Inflatable Aztron Falcon Air – Test & Rating Posted on 16 March 2021Leave a comment

The Aztron Falcon 7.6 is an inflatable paddle board entirely dedicated to the discovery of foiling for beginners. This inflatable paddle has been optimized to make it easy to catch waves and start flying over the water. Stable and easy to maneuver, the Aztron inflatable SUP Foil has a wide profile and a rocker that makes it easy to get up to speed.

Inflatable SUP Foil Board for beginners

Want to discover the SUP Foil? Then, after some research, you will realize that the market offers many possibilities. Here, we will deal with this model convincing by its performance, its quality, its compact aspect and especially the unbeatable quality-price ratio!

The Aztron Falcon Air 7.6 is the ideal board to learn Wing Foiling for light and medium riders. It will allow you to learn and progress quickly for immediate sensations.

How is the Wing Foil Aztron Facon Air ?

The characteristics and the result are simply amazing. To release a board of this finish with such capacities at this price is simply crazy! We were bluffed.

The shape of the Aztron Falcon Air SUP Foil

The Falcon foil board has a compact shape that naturally offers the right balance on the foil and makes it more manageable in flight.

With a width of 79 cm and a wide square outline at the tail, it provides enough volume to be in the right position for take off and the large width generates a lot of stability.

Rocker du SUP Foil gonflable Aztron Facon Air
Aztron Facon Air Inflatable SUP Foil Rocker

With a short round nose and slight rocker, the 7’6″ FALCON air is super stable. The smart shape allows the rider to take off from the usual stand up paddle position and be super maneuverable on the waves.

The Aztron Falcon Air SUP Foil attachment and fins

The Tuttle masthead is a standard fin box in the windsurfing industry. With the sloping front and back faces, the masthead is held firmly inside the box.

In addition, the 3 fins allow for good heading control. This is ideal for keeping the right position to catch the wave that will lift you up before you start flying.

The fins

Non-slip deck pad for grip and traction performance

Featuring a 5mm thick diamond grooved soft EVA foam pad, this traction pad offers the paddler maximum grip and comfort while paddling. The integrated square grooved rear kick-pad improves turning in rough conditions.

This allows you to have a more direct feel and control of the foil.

Porting and Launching the Aztron Inflatable SUP Foil

It is always a delicate moment to carry your fully assembled Wing Foil board. You have to carry it to the water, but the object is very bulky.

Therefore, the ergonomic handles integrated along the central strut allow for comfortable and easy handling.

Aztron Inflatable SUP Foil Carrying Handles

How rigid is the inflatable SUP Foil board?

Aztron’s signature design has allowed the brand to quickly take a prominent place in the stand up paddle scene. Aztron only offers double chambered inflatable paddle boards. The advantages are a real security and an extreme rigidity.

SUP Foil Inflatable Double Chamber

The inner chamber offers an air reserve of half the board volume with at least 100 liters of safety buoyancy that effectively ensures the rider’s safety.
The additional inner chamber is supported by additional air pillars. Thus, it creates a side wall at the standing area which makes the board 30% stiffer than all other inflatable boards. The dual chamber structure creates the feeling of paddling on a rigid board.

Is the Aztron Falcon Air Inflatable SUP Foil good?

The answer is YES. It is a fantastic board to start SUP foiling and it brings you closer to the feeling of Surf Foil.

Also, this inflatable SUP Foil board comes in a pack:

20 psi high pressure pump
3 US Box fins
Transport backpack

Offering a SUP Foil without the essentials to get you flying would not make sense. Especially at Aztron where experience is at the heart of product development. Thus, you should know that Aztron offers :

2 Wing Foil wings in 4m² and 5m²
4 masts from 60 to 90 cm

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