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SUP inflatable Aztron Nova Compact – Test and Rating

SUP inflatable Aztron Nova Compact – Test and Rating Posted on 15 March 2021Leave a comment

Today we are going to take a look at the Aztron Nova inflatable paddle board. This is a small compact foldable inflatable paddle. Aztron offers this inflatable paddle at a very competitive price on the market.
The Aztron Nova 2.0 compact inflatable paddle board has a minimal footprint. It can be folded and not rolled. This allows it to fit into a smaller backpack, making it easier to store and transport.

Compact inflatable SUP

At Aztron, paddling is a lifestyle in its own right. The brand offers more than what you need but still at a good price. The specificity of compact storage was initiated by Fanatic (we must give credit where credit is due). The interest is for all of us. Indeed, as cars are becoming more and more compact and homes smaller and smaller, it was time to think of an optimized storage for our leisure and sports equipment.

The Aztron Nova 2.0 inflatable paddle board is a SUP that can be stored in a bag 25% smaller than another board of the same volume. Amazing? This is possible thanks to a special design that allows the inflatable paddle to be folded, not rolled. The paddle will store in its bag less space in the trunk of your car and in your basement.

An inflatable SUP in a complete pack

The Aztron Nova inflatable paddle board is a board with a volume of 275 liters. This means that up to 95 kg, you’ll have no worries about climbing on it, keeping your balance and gliding along the French blue waters of your vacation shore or lake with pleasure. Delivered in a complete pack, Aztron offers a paddle pack ready to sail. The Aztron board is delivered with :

  • The inflatable paddle board
  • The paddle
  • The double action pump
  • The leash
  • The transport bag
  • A small repair kit and the key to tighten the valve

A SUP inflatable with an unbeatable price/technology ratio

The construction of this paddle board is very similar to that of other Aztron boards. It is a double chamber paddle board inflatable at 15 psi. The other Aztron boards also have a double chamber but they are much larger and longer. The double chamber gives you more stiffness and therefore more performance, especially in terms of stiffness. The improved stiffness will bring you less unnecessary effort and more stability. If you fall in the water, it won’t be the fault of your Aquamarina Fusion 😁 inflatable paddle anymore.

This inflatable paddle is, like all the others, made from dropstitch technology but with well-made and good quality materials. The decoration will always be questionable but here it is appreciated.

Aztron Nova: a really compact inflatable paddle board?

As previously mentioned, the bag has a 25% smaller volume than an inflatable paddle board of the same volume. Let’s proceed to the comparison with another board of the same brand: the inflatable SUP Aztron Lunar.

Aztron LunarAztron NovaDifference
Length of the board297 cm305 cm+ 2%
Width of the board81 cm81 cm0%
Thickness of the board15 cm15 cm0%
Volume of the board270 liters275 liters+2%
Height of the bag93 cm56 cm-40%
Width of the bag40 cm40 cm0%
Thickness of the bag25 cm35 cm+40%
Volume of the bag105 liters78 liters-25%

How to inflate this Aztron Nova double chamber paddle board?

It’s a pretty simple process. Inflate the center chamber first to 15 psi and then you can switch to the outer valve and do the same thing at 15 psi. The Aztron Nova inflatable paddle comes with a dual action pump that is slightly smaller than the other Aztron pump. It works on the upstroke and on
and on the downstroke, which allows air to enter the board with each movement of the handle. You can then blow a fairly large volume and get a higher pressure in the pump quite easily. The double action mode can be used almost all the way through the inflatable (this will depend on your physical condition of course). But, like any good double-action pump, you can switch to single-action inflation to finish when you find the inflation too hard.
To do this, simply remove the red nozzle at the back of the pump and it will work just on the downward action.
The fins are attached using a more advanced system than most other brands of inflatable paddles.

Soft EVA cushion with a 4mm diamond groove for a solid grip

1000D fabric in combination with dropstitch base fabric locks in the fabric for optimal durability and stiffness

X-Stitching woven nylon tapes make the board 20% lighter than traditional I-Stitching

Polyester inner rail layer connects the top and bottom double layer composite

Final joint that gives extra compression and extra stiffness

Aztron Nova Inflatable Paddle Board Fins

Yes, we have seen similar clip systems to this one, but the stiff feel of the fin and the precision fit really impressed us. The system seems very solid and sturdy.
We were also very impressed with the quality of this fin system especially for the price of the board.

Transporting the Aztron Nova Inflatable SUP

The Aztron Nova inflatable paddle board can be carried in the water thanks to the handles which are perfectly balanced!

It’s very comfortable and easy to carry. It’s not too far forward or too far back. Something you sometimes see on cheaper boards, the handles are not in the right place and it causes a real pain if you carry your board for long distances to the water.
On the Aztron Nova, the handle is actually offset so that the board can be folded in half, which is really nice. This gives you two options:

  • If you have longer arms like me, you can hold the board on the longer handle position
  • If you have shorter arms you can flip the board over and you can hold it on the shorter side to make it a little easier to carry.

It’s a nice feature to use that until you use it, you don’t realize how nice it is to keep you a little flexible when you bring your board to the water.

How stable is the Aztron Nova paddle board?

Because it is a 32 inch wide board, the paddle board gives you a nice width that makes it stable and you have a nice round nose at the front, which is also very helpful for stability.
With a pointed nose, you will have a faster but less stable board. The same goes for the tail
the tail, the more tucked in or pointed, the faster but less stable the board will be.

This round tail obviously brings a good stability under your feet. In addition, the EBA deck pad goes all the way to the back and is split in two. Obviously so you can fold the board and this increases the stability.

Also, what’s nice about the double chamber on this board is that it’s directly underneath where you stand on your feet, so it gives you good stability and a solid board directly under your feet.

Longer double chambers will give better overall stiffness but this smaller double chamber still gives the board a good stiff feel.

Wouldn’t the Aztron Nova be the best inflatable SUP?

Easy to carry, stable and maneuverable thanks to its size and shape, we can’t recommend it enough. Beginners, in any case, are going to jump on it this summer. If there is not enough for everyone, it will certainly be because some of you have waited too long…

The compact inflatable paddle board from Aztron is available in 3 versions:

Aztron Neo Nova 9.0Aztron Nova 10.0Aztron Super Nova 11.0
Length of the board270 cm305 cm335 cm
Width of the board81 cm81 cm81 cm
Thickness of the board12 cm15 cm15 cm
Rider weightUp to 70 kgUp to 85 kgUp to 105 kg

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