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Inflatable paddle board Aquatone – Test & Rating

Inflatable paddle board Aquatone – Test & Rating Posted on 6 February 2020Leave a comment

In 2018 Aztron set out to combine design and functionality and inject a dose of adventure into our everyday lives with stand up paddle gear that is both beautiful and performs well in all conditions. Today, proud to have remained true to these promises, the designers from Aqua Marina offer a range of inflatable paddles under the Aquatone brand that combine style and performance.

Aquatone Inflatable SUP

At Aquatone, paddling is a way of life in its own right. The brand offers everything you need to enjoy regular or occasional paddle sessions. Choose from a complete collection of boards, including the Aquatone Touring, Race and All-Round SUP Paddles. You can also select essential accessories such as paddles, leashes and inflators.
From now on, the most inaccessible spots will hold no secrets for you. The less time you spend preparing, the more time you’ll spend in the water!

Paddle gonflable Aquamarina
Inflatable paddle Aquatone family

Easy inflatable paddle board for the whole family

The Aquatone line of inflatable paddles line of inflatable paddles is built around original styles and innovative ideas. For the beach, you have a choice of 4 all-round inflatable SUPs. The latter is perfect for those who want to juggle beach breaks and beach bars without the hassle.
If you’re looking for an inflatable SUP for the family, you’ll be bluffed: stable boards that are easy to maneuver. The single fin allows you to get in the water faster without spending a lot of energy setting it up.
You’ll never look at an inflatable stand up paddle the same way again.

Paddle gonflable Aqua Marina Aquatone touring
Aquatone Touring SUP

SUP inflatable for touring and long rides

Aquatone shapers have thought of everything. Solid touring inflatable SUPs to stay in the race. 2 lengths of the Aquatone Flame 11.6 and 12.6 range, two classic sizes. Excellent glide, elegance, in short, a no-fail experience.

Aquatone inflatable paddle board with race shape

Discover this 14 foot paddle board that is narrow enough to allow good acceleration to cover large distances quickly. This is the hardest core inflatable SUP of the Aquatone brand.
Less reserved for novices and casual riders, the Aquatone Ocean could take you to the other continent before you know it.

Paddle gonflable aquamarina race
Race SUP Inflatable

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Aquatone strives to meet everyone’s individual needs. Riders, conditions, spots, the sessions follow each other but are not the same. The Aquatone range offers a good quality-price ratio thanks to high-tech products and materials.

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