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Comparison of the best carbon paddles

Comparison of the best carbon paddles Posted on 26 August 2019Leave a comment

Here we will determine which is the best carbon paddle. They are divided by range: paddles that combine carbon and fiberglass in varying proportions, paddles that combine carbon and wood, and 100% carbon paddles.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare paddles of different construction between them. Indeed, the most efficient paddles are entirely made of carbon and are incomparable with other constructions that mix materials.

As a reminder, the higher the proportion of carbon, the more responsive, rigid and light will it be. Paddles that combine fibreglass and carbon will be more flexible, which limits the risk of joint pain but will not transmit the energy involved in the paddling movement as well. Finally, paddles combining wood and carbon have the advantage of being a good intermediary between rigidity and ease of use.

Carbon paddle

Mixed fibreglass and carbon paddles

Key West Carbon SUP paddle 3P:

  • Advantages: the very affordable price, a very good performance for the price, a nylon and fiberglass blade that is quite resistant to shocks; a reduced weight compared to an aluminium paddle.
    Practical for transport thanks to its 3-part structure.
    Intermediate flex.
    Shaft 70% carbon for a good weight/flexibilty compromise.
  • Disadvantages: the weight is high for a carbon paddle, the blade is too small for surfing or in whitewater.
    No anti-rotation system of the blade.

Starboard Tufskin 60% Carbon Adjustable SUP Paddle

  • Advantages: responsive and for all level, multi-layer blade made of highly rigid recycled ABS.
    Affordable price.
    Available in different blade size.
    Vario system to adjust the paddle length according to the activity.
    Can be used in race, as well as for surfing. Trash picker hook to pick up waste. Several shaft diameters.
    Intermediate to rigid flexibility depending on shaft diameter.
  • Disadvantages: no anti-rotation rail, round handle limiting precision, Tahitian triangular blade that limits acceleration from a standing start.

Aztron Power Carbon SUP Paddle 3P

  • Advantages: responsive SUP carbon paddle, large blade size, ideal for high accelerations (surfing, white water), neat design, limited weight (725g).
    Easy to carry thanks to the 3-part construction.
    Adjustable to adapt the length of the paddle.
    Soft entry into the water thanks to the average angle of the blade (10°).
    Still affordable for a carbon paddle.
  • Disadvantages: blade too large for race or touring. No anti-rotation system, round handle limiting precision.

Fanatic Carbon 35 Adjustable paddle

  • Advantages: hybrid construction 35% carbon, average weight (740g), triangular Tahitian hybrid blade.
    Ideal for touring with its intermediate blade. Junction joint ensuring a good general flex of the paddle. This carbon paddle is adjustable for maximum convenience.
  • Disadvantages: high price compared to the proportion of carbon, blade with a low profile, sometimes unstable.
    Thick blade not very flexible and therefore demanding.
Review carbon paddles

Carbon / wood paddles

Starboard Carbon paddle Balsa 60% 3P

  • Advantages: original balsa blade structure covered with bi-axial fibre + linen reinforcement for a unique look!
    Drop blade with an underside (part of the blade on the side of the rider) triangular concave very marked for an impressive grip.
    Very stable paddle in the water.
    Excellent weight/flex compromise for controlled responsiveness, limiting muscle ache.
    Intuitive and efficient vario anti twist system.
    Ideal for long distances thanks to its small surface area.
    Easy to transport.
  • Disadvantages: relatively high price.
    Quite large blade angle (13°) requiring some control to use the paddle’s full potential.
    Blade too small for surfing or white water.

Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50 Paddle 3P

  • Advantages: limited weight (724g), original carbon (50%) and bamboo structure for the handle, carbon and fiberglass for the blade involiving an intermediate flex that allows a wide range of activities.
    Union Joint allowing a constant flex along the handle and a very efficient energy transmission.
    Dismountable in three parts.
  • Disadvantages: really high price compared to the carbon content of the paddle.
    Higher weight than some paddles in the same price range.

Outside Reef Dream Up Carbon Bamboo paddle Vario

  • Advantages: a naturally linear propulsion with a powerful grip, ideal for surfing.
    Medium flex to limit muscular fatigue without having an impact on performance.
    Paddle used in the biggest paddle surf competitions.
    Ergonomic handle for a high precision.
    Adjustable according to the size of the rider and the power required.
    10° blade angle for smooth water entry and exit.
  • Disadvantages : The width of the blade requires a perfect technique to avoid rubbing the rail of the board. The high price.

100% carbon paddles

Select Fusion Pro Paddle 2P

  • Advantages: 100% customizable paddle in length as well as on the blade surface. Very low weight (500g in size M).
    Discreet ABS field to protect the blade without impacting flows.
    S-Lock 2 system to prevent unwanted rotations.
    Very stable and effective blade that reduces fatigue.
    Pre-impregnated high-density blade core.
    Double layer carbon and carbon kevlar for incomparable blade rigidity.
    Dihedral blade for optimal fluidity.
    Paddle made on request. 100% carbon handle.
    Made in France.
    Perfect for race and touring.
  • Disadvantages: the high price in absolute terms (but don’t forget that these paddles are made to order).
    The availability time of about two weeks.

Fanatic Carbon Pro 100 Adjustable Paddle

  • Advantages: 12 K carbon blade, hyper rigid and responsive, 3K carbon handle for more flexibility.
    Intermediate size blade allowing all riders to use it. Light weight (610 g).
    Union Joint to distribute flex over the entire paddle.
    Infinite range of use. Available in several shaft diameters.
  • Disadvantages: the rather prohibitive price.
    The paddle does not withstand blows during transport, to be protected with a cover.

Werner Carbon SUP Paddle Grand Prix 86

  • Advantages: ultimate carbon paddle for race and weight only 413 g.
    Extremely stable in water, the paddle transmits all the energy possible and transforms it into speed.
    12° blade for the lowest possible inlet and outlet of the water.
    Dihedral blade for unparalleled performance. Works in all conditions and at all speeds.
    Elite level Flex.
    Exceptional value for money!
    High-quality craftsmanship.
  • Disadvantages: the high (but very justified) price.
    Fixed paddle to be cut to the desired length.

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