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Zray a1, a2 and a4 – Test and Review

Zray a1, a2 and a4 – Test and Review Posted on 26 August 2019Leave a comment

The Zray a2 is part of the Atoll collection. This range is for those who like to travel and paddle long distances. Equipped with a double layer construction, the board has excellent rigidity which gives the rider a very good stability. Robust and versatile, the a2 is a SUP accessible to all. Easy to transport and extremely well equipped.

Zray a2 Construction

With its own manufacturing plant, Zray is able to offer a wide range of choices and reliable products with quality dropstitch.

Droptitch is the technology used to design iSUPs. Its purpose is to bring together the two PVC membranes that make up the board by weaving thousands of nylon threads between them. It is this mesh between the upper and lower layer that gives the board a flat and rigid surface. The quality of dropstitch is defined by the number of filaments it contains. The a2 board from Zray is made from a dense dropstitch of filaments and two layers of PVC to guarantee a rigid and stable board.

All the boards in the Atoll range (a1, a2 and a4) are manufactured in double layer. A second layer of 1000D reinforced PVC is added to the Drop Stitch construction. This construction weighs down the board on the one hand (+15%) but guarantees an exceptional rigidity of the board and preserves its initial shape in all conditions. It is currently the most professional and sought-after technology in the field of inflatable Stand Up Paddle.

The Zray a2

The premium range is a top-of-the-range construction at Zray with a double layer glued to improve stiffness, performance and comfort.
Zray a2 is an over-equipped paddle, it has a 4 mm Premium EVA pad, which offers a unique comfort and grip, moreover the pad is divided into 3 parts, which allows the rider to find his way. Like many models, it has fixing rings to put a seat, but also a footrest that allows a comfortable position and more support when using a kayak.

Paddle Atoll Premium A2
Atoll Premium A2

Le modèle a4 (11.6) est lui destiné à des gabarits plus lourds. The Attol Premium range from Zray offers 3 boards: a1, a2 and a4. Designed with the best materials, the a2 combines speed and stability. With larger dimensions than a1 (9.10) it offers optimal stability and balance. It is the most versatile board in the range. The a4 (11.6) is designed for heavier riders.

The price

Zray a2
Zray a2

The models a1, a2 and a4 all benefit from Zray’s top-of-the-range construction with a double-layer construction. The boards are over-equipped and are sold in almost complete packs, despite the presence of footrests for kayaking, we regret the absence of the leash which is an essential safety element for the practice of stand up paddle.

Technical characteristics

Length: 10’6’’ (320 cm)
Width: 32″ (81cm)
Thickness: 6″ (15 cm)
Volume: 270 L
Weight: 10.5 kg
Max. payload: 145 kg
Construction: Double layer
Fins: 1 removable central fin + 2 fixed

The advantages of the a2

  • Rigid board thanks to the double layer construction
  • Can be transformed into a kayak (seat not included) and footrest
  • All-round SUP for all levels

The downsides of the a2

  • The pack does not include a safety leash
  • Weight, double layer construction that weights the board by +15%.
  • For a premium range, we would have liked to have a double layer construction fused and not glued

What to think of the Zray a2?

The SUP a2 has a double layer construction that gives it great rigidity and allows the rider good stability and optimal glide. We will regret that this Premium construction is “classic” we would have liked to have a fused double layer, which would have allowed a lighter board for more comfort. However, the models in the Atoll range are very good boards with an excellent level of finish and well thought-out features such as the graduated pad or the footrest. The a2 is ideal for intensive use because it is very robust and will allow beginners and more experienced people to have a good time. It is the most all-round board in the range.

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