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Fanatic Fly Air 10 4 – Test and Review

Fanatic Fly Air 10 4 – Test and Review Posted on 26 September 2019Leave a comment

The Fanatic Fly Air 10 4 is an entry-level iSUP for beginner to intermediate riders who want a high end board with a low budget. With a thickness of 14 cm and a width of 83.8 cm, this board is a very rigid and stable board suitable for riders up to 105 kg. It is the ideal board for everyone, easy to carry, robust and rigid. The Fly Air range will offer you fun on flat water as well as in small waves.

Fanatic Fly Air 10 4 Construction

Inspired by the Fly range, it responds to the storage and transport problems associated with rigid paddles thanks to its ingenious construction.

The Fly Air model’s Stringer Technology (STR) uses the best Drop Stitch materials available on the market and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that offers an exceptional value for money. It is manufactured by the most renowned manufacturer in the world.
The STR technology is characterized by a lightweight single-layer construction with the addition of a PVC stringer that allows a weight reduction of 20 to 25% and a considerable gain in stiffness on the central part of the board.

Fanatic Fly Air 10.4

It has a classic outline that is found on longboards and offers a successful blend of glide, stability and versatility. Its pressure-stiffness ratio allows it to be stable at all times and makes it an ideal all-round board for beginners to intermediate riders. The two additional side fins provide the grip required in small waves. The board includes high-end tow rings and a comfortable carrying handle.

Fanatic Fly Air 10 4
Fanatic Fly Air 10 4

The Fly Air is the ideal board for everyone. The range is available in four refined sizes to best suit your size and practice. It exists in 9’0″, 9’8″, 10’4″ and the very large 10’8″. Finally, we will note the quality of its design with its graphic impressions on the deck, hull and rails.

The price

Paddle Gonflable Fanatic
Fanatic iSUP

Fanatic offers boards with a high level of quality and performance accessible to all thanks to a complete range and diversified in terms of use and price. The Fly Air 10.4 is clearly one of the brand’s entry-level models but has a much higher level of finish and construction than many other brands.

Technical characteristics

Length: 10’4’’ (315 cm)
Width: 33″ (83.8 cm)
Thickness: 5.5″ (14.5 cm)
Volume: 284 L
Max payload: 105 kg
Construction: DL Light, STR
Fins: 1x US Box 10 “, 2x glued / 1x 19,5 cm, 2x 7 cm

The advantages of the Fly Air 10.4

  • The Fly Air 10.4 is a light and robust board
  • Its STR construction provides additional rigidity to the board
  • A stable board that forgives small deviations and provides a lot of fun

The downsides of the Fly Air 10.4

  • The absence of the mast foot insert (present on the premium model)
  • No seat fixing rings for family use.
  • A lack of evolution in design, very similar to the previous model

What about the Fly Air 10.4?

It is positioned as the entry level board from Fanatic. However it has nothing to envy its competitors because it has a high quality of manufacture with the best materials on the market. This iSUP is an allround board easy to handle. It provides very good gliding sensations in all types of water.

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