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SUP Aztron – Test and review

SUP Aztron – Test and review Posted on 28 August 2019Leave a comment

The Aztron SUPs are coming! Every year, new brands are introduced to the market. The Aztron brand has been present since 2018 and is one of those innovative brands. It offers a whole range of iSUP in double chamber (and fused double layer for some models) but also a rigid range and has a whole collection of neoprene, wetsuit, jersey, etc.

Aztron: an innovative brand

AZTRON refers to the alliteration of the prefix “Astro” which refers to our solar system and the galaxy. The brand is managed by water sports enthusiasts. At Aztron, we seek to develop innovative products and have pushed the boundaries to offer quality products. The great strength of the brand lies in the design of the boards it offers. All Aztron SUPs are manufactured in double chamber. That’s a technology that increases the stiffness of the boards and allows riders increased safety since the addition of a second inner tube keeps at least 100 to 150 litres of buoyancy in the event of a leak. Although Aztron is not the only brand to offer this design, it has the advantage of offering its boards at a much more attractive price than equivalent boards from some other manufacturers.

Aztron iSUPs

Although only present for two seasons, Aztron already offers a wide choice of products in its catalogue with an iSUP range, a rigid range, a bodyboard board and a wakesurf. The brand also offers a collection of clothing designed for stand up paddle practice. They offer combinations, vests, jerseys or even water shoes.

Gamme SUP gonflable Aztron
Aztron iSUPs
  • All round: Lunar, Mercury et Titan
  • Touring: Terra, Urono et Neptune
  • Surf and Wihte water: Sirius
  • Race: Meteor
  • For more than 1 rider: Nebula et Galaxie
  • Rigid: Eclipse, Appollo et Martian
  • Body board: Ceres
  • Wakesurf: Comet

What to think about Aztron?

The brand has strongly opted for dual-chamber technology throughout its range of inflatable SUPs, which means that the brand is hitting hard for its arrival on the market because it offers a wide range of products with a meticulous design and a technology that ensures very good performance for the boards. Of course, Aztron did not come out of nowhere. If the brand has been able to establish itself so quickly by offering so many products, it is because behind the brand is an old team from Aqua Marina. They wanted to fly on their own and launch innovative products. In other words, Aqua Marina’s past has allowed the team to build on a solid foundation. That’s why the brand developped so quickly and their success.

Are there any alteranatives?

There are so many brands on the market that it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. There are many manufacturers with more or less qualitative products. This brand can face brands such as Key West or Zray without blushing. Although the Aztron boards are superior to the ones from Aqua Marina, the double chamber boards from Starboard are still better.

Aztron paddle touring
Aztron touring board

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